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Affiliate Program

Everything You Need to Know About Our Affiliate Program

All affiliates earn commissions on a pay per lead basis. All commissions are set on an individual basis. Each affiliate is different and we will do everything we can to make sure your commission will ensure success. We try to be as competitive, flexible, and negotiable as possible. Commission checks are happily mailed out at the beginning of each month for the previous month's leads. There is no minimum amount required for a check to be mailed. For further details on our commissions and their rates. More »

Our Product Line owns and operates several websites from which affiliates drive sales leads. We are continually adding new products as we continue to gain dominance in the lead industry. If you have had success driving a type of sales lead we are not currently offering, please let us know.

For Home Improvement Lead Products our affiliates drive Replacement Windows, Roofing, Siding, Sunrooms and Patios.

For Insurance Lead Products our affiliates drive Annuities, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, 401K Rollover - Retirement Plans

On-Line Affiliate Tracking
Powered by the affiliate program software of, is able to provide up to the minute affiliate tracking on all leads. Each affiliate whom joins our affiliate program is given an affiliate ID and a password of their choosing. This affiliate ID number is then embedded into the html codes of all links, including seamless forms that you use, which allows us to track your leads. By logging into your affiliate program account, you may see your transaction history up the minute and the types of leads you are driving in addition to commissions earned. Any leads that have been charged back will also be listed under your transaction history including the reason why. This information may also be downloaded into an excel file to suit your needs. Once you are signed up and approved as an affiliate of, you may visit to log into your account. An email is also sent each time you generate a lead indicating the lead type and the commission earned.

Incentive Affiliate Programs
Each month, we have incentive programs for various types of leads. The last few months, we have offered $1 more than base for at least two lead types. We also have a monthly "Category Craze". An affiliate who drives the most of one type of leads or is the overall top lead driver, will receive a $50 bonus check.

Second Tier Affiliate Program
Encourage your friends to join our affiliate program. Build an endless tier under your account and earn $.50 for every lead they drive. Simply copy and paste this link into your webpage or email: affiliate ID # here

On-Line Marketing Materials
Banners, Text Links, Seamless Forms, Articles, and Custom Creatives offers a wide variety of banners in a multitude of sizes, text links, integratable seamless forms, articles, and custom creatives. New banners are added generally once a month as our product line continues to grow. Affiliates are always notified when new banner and links are added. Many affiliates have had tremendous success with the seamless quote forms. We find the conversion rates to be the highest with these creatives. Simply copy and past the code of the quote forms into your website. Visitors may complete the form without ever having to leave your website! The code for all on-line marketing materials may be acquired by logging into your affiliate account.

Affiliate Program Newsletters
Each month a newsletter is sent to all affiliates informing them on upcoming incentive programs, the previous month’s statistics, additions to our program, and other fun information they should know.

Personal Attention
Here at, our affiliates are our partners and we are dedicated to working together as partners. Please do not hesitate to call or email our Affiliate Marketing Team: 1-800-860-4996 or Contact Us through Email.

Restrictions & Limits
• will not approve an affiliate application if it is found that your website is not suitable for our program for any of the following reasons:
• Promotes illegal or unethical activities
• Contains content that is threatening, defamatory, fraudulent, obscene or harassing
• Based in a foreign country – and our consumer websites services are only available to United States citizens. We are not able to process requests from people outside the United States.

How do you begin your Affiliate Success with ABCLeads?

Just proceed to our "Join Us" form and fill out the Affiliate Questionaire and we will review your request for membership in our Affiliate Program ... Sign up now!

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