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Lead Submission and Pricing Models

Nationwide Submission

ABCLeads can take leads on a nationwide basis submitted through a variety of means such as one of our seamless forms implemented your site, a referring text link or banner or via HTTP or XML posting.
This lead delivery method will mean a lower price paid per lead.

Ping Posting

ABCleads can accept leads via a “Ping and Post” method which basically means you, the affiliate, will ping ABCLeads via HTTP or XML with a code denoting the type of lead with the 5 digit zip code the lead is from. ABCLeads will respond back with a yes, or no response, indicating if we want to buy the lead. If a yes response is give the full lead is then posted to us. This lead delivery method will mean a higher price per lead can be paid. All of the instructions needed to ping and post with ABCLeads can be found within your log in area under the “Get Creatives” tab: Click here to log in and edit your creatives!

Manual Ping Posting

For affiliates that desire the higher pay out given for ping and post, but do not have the ability to send that information via HTTP or XML, we offer a manual system that works well for low volume applications.  Basically ABCLeads will provide a form for you to use that will call for the product, and zip code to be entered. Upon submission there will be a response if that lead will be accepted or not. If a response in the affirmative is given the lead is then manually entered into the form. This lead will be tracked to your account just like any other lead sent to us.

Dynamic Pricing

ABCLeads can purchase leads via a dynamic pricing model. This system works the same as the ping and post method but there is an additional value attached to the positive response that we want that particular lead. That value is the price we are willing to pay for the lead. For areas that we have strong interest we return higher values, for areas with low customer interest we return a price reflective of that. This lead delivery method returns the highest payouts overall as we can pay much higher amounts if certain areas where in a regular ping and post system we can only pay out an average.

ABCLeads wants to purchase your leads and can work with you to try and taylor an arrangement that works for you!

How do you begin your Affiliate Success with ABCLeads?

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